Vishwakarma Puja 2016 – vishwakarma Puja date & Vishwkarma Puja Shubh Muhurt

By | September 11, 2016

Happy Vishwakarma Puja to all of the cute visitors of this website. In this post going to write when Vishwakarma puja falls in this year. This year this is going to celebrate on 16th September 2016. This day is known by the many names – Vishwakarma Jayanti or Vishwakarma Puja and it is also known by the Vishwakarma Day. The State of Bengal it is known by the biswokarma pooja. In this web page going to share vishwakarma,vishwakarma day and date and time which vishwakarma god worship will be performing at the right time. 

vishwakarma jayanti is celebrated every year by the all the person who use the iron product. Mainly this worship is performed by the person whose employment is mainly based on gadget and machinery. It is believed that lord  vishwakarma  Ji the blessing of him all machinery is run, smoothly. On the simple level, we can be seen it by the worker who construct or build a home, this day they do not use any kind of machinery which is made by Iron.


All the person who use the vehicle they also clean their vehicles like cars, bus or bike/sooty and any other vehicles. This day they worship of their vehicle and then they use. As per Hindi Epic Lord Vishwakarma is considered as swayambhu and Creator of the world.


We have also seen in Krishna Leela – When Sudha ma jee goes to his friend for the help and meet his friend Krishna. Lord Krishna gave him all the things without knowing him. Then Lord Krishna pray to Vishwakarma to build the good home for his lovely friend Sudhama.

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