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By | November 13, 2016

Sama Chakeva is also known by the Samo Chako in the northern part of the Bihar State. It is the mainly festival it is celebrated in the Bihar State. In Bihar Samastipur District Karua village it is known by the Samo Chako. Sama Chakeva is the mainly celebrated by the Maithili-speaking people. It is celebrated in the month of Karthik day of Purnima (Kartik Purnima). It is also believed that it is the pure day of the Kartik month. Kartik Purnima Sama Chakeva is the festival is the symbol of the love of brother and sister. Sama is the sister and chakeva are the brothers of the Sama

samo chako images

Here are all the details about the Sama chakeva | Why celebrate Sama Chakeva and What is a legend of Sama Chakeva (Samo Chako). First of all going to tell you about the legend of Sama Chakeva- According to Hindu epic Sama, a daughter of Krishna who had been falsely accused of wrongdoing. Her father punished her by turning her into a bird, but the love and sacrifice of her brother Chakeva eventually allowed her to regain human form. It is take as the inspiration and make strong bond of love between brother and sister and give inspration to all brother to protect her sister.  

Sama Chakeva – Samo & Chako images and legend of Sama and chakeva 

Samo Chakewa

Samo Chakewa

Hope that you may get answer of reason of sama chakeva, Why celebrate sama chakewa, what is sama chakewa and in next post going to tell you more things about the Sama Chakewa. If you wish to write or anything which you know about the sama chakeva then please share to us by the comment as space is provided below. 

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