How to do solah somvar vrat | Solah Somvar Vrat Procedure

By | September 27, 2016

Solah Somvar Vrat Procedure : It is a common practice followed by Indians in a quest of making their deity happy so that they can get their wishes accomplished. Devotees often perform various yagya, vrat, hawan to attain their desired wishes. solah somvar 16 Monday is one of them. Here in this post, we are going to describe every aspect of the Solah somvar vrat.  It is observed for various reasons, but especially to find a perfect life partner (husband). Solah somvar vrat is particularly observed by single women (Unmarried girl). Lots of girls do Sawan solah somvar vrat.  During this fast 

Sixteen consecutive Mondays are devoted to Lord Shiva 

However, married women and males also do sawan somvar vrat, but for different reasons.

  • Married women observe it for long good and long life of her husband and happy married life,
  • Men perform this sawan somvar fast for a peaceful life and get the blessing of the lord shiva for wealth and prosperity.
  • Single women observe for good and smart & rich husband.

Solah somvar vrat can be started in any month during the Shukla Paksha phase (bright lunar fortnight). Some devotees even opt for the Chaturmas period for observing this

Periods for observing this solah somvar vrat 

Observe of this fast begins at sunrise and ends at sunset. Generally partaking of the one-time meal is allowed, but some like to observe fast for complete 24 hours.

A devotee can have nuts, milk, and fruits during the fasting day, still, some believe in observing the fast empty stomach. Now know the

significance of the Solah Somvar vrat 

Read how to perform solah somvar vrat is given in details form sawan category 

 On all Mondays,detailed puja is performed with 16 offerings to Lord Shiva. Recital of Katha is also a part of puja. During the fast devotees are allowed to eat fruit, milk, thick sweet roti ( naivedyam, prepared of jaggery), but, consumption of salt is strictly prohibited. Naivedyam is a Shiv prasad which is equally divided into three parts, before offering it to god. From three parts, one part is offered to the god, one part is distributed among friends and relatives and the third part is eaten by the devotee. On the 17th Monday, the devotee offers a maha puja to Shiva at a Shiva temple.

Most remember:– Once you start the fast, then it is essential to complete 16 Mondays, otherwise you may be deprived of receiving shiv blessings regarding your wishes.

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