Chhoti Diwali Hd Wallpaper and Narak Chaturdashi Puja 2016 Images photos pic and FB cover and WhatsApp Dp

By | October 14, 2016

Happy Narak Chaturdashi 2016 ! This Chhoti Diwali/Narak Chaturthi all of your sadness and darkness of your life go out for always & come happiness, joy and Success in your life. Narak Chaturdashi why celebrated, How to celebrate Chhoti Diwali & Why we perform Narak Chaturdashi and Narak Chaturdashi kyu aur kaise manaya jata hai. Here going to tell you about everything of Narak Chaturdashee. According to Hindu epic, it is said that Narakasur was a son of the Goddess of Earth, but he became a demon and he was also wishing to rule on the heaven and started an attack on heaven. Then Devraj Indra gone to Lord Vishu for the help, then Goddess Durga became Maa Kali and killed Narakasur. Since that day Chhoti Diwali is celebrated it is also known by the Narak Chaturdashi.

Now you may able to know why Narak Chaturdashi is celebrated and reason of the celebration of Chhoti Diwali.

Chhoti Diwali Hd Wallpaper and Narak Chaturdashi Puja 2016 Images photos pic and FB cover and WhatsApp Dp

Chhoti Diwali Narak Chaturdashi || Diwali Festival 2016 

You may think how to celebrate Narak Chaturdashi/ Chhoti Diwali. Now going to provide you information about the kaise chhoti Diwali manaye & way to celebrate chhoti Diwali (Narak Chaturdashi). First of all, we clean our home and every object of a house. Time of Evening we put diya with Mustered oil (Sarso ka tel) on cow dump (Gau ke goawar) every darkness of the house corner. It is believed that it reduce all the negativity from our house. You are requested to share this information with your friends and family to know about it.

Now going to share Happy Narak Chaturthi Hindi me, Narak Chaturdashi puja 2016 &  chhoti Diwali Cute HD Pics for FB, Narak Chaturdashi 2016 Puja Vidhi and Narak Chaturdashi Whatsapp wishes, Shubh Narak Chaturdashi 2016 Pic in HD.


Hope that you may like this Happy Narak Chaturthi Wishes 2016 in Hindi, Shubh Narak Chaturdashi 2016 HD Wallpaper & Narak Chaturdashi 2016 Cute Pics and Narak Chaturdashi FB wishes in Hindi.


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