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By | September 21, 2016

सावन के सोमवार का व्रत करने से मनचाहा जीवनसाथी मिलता है | Why Unmarried girls do Sawan Somvar

Why Unmarried girls do Sawan Somvar : Every girl want perfect life partner in her life. It is believe that who do Somvar varat in the month of Sawan, get a blessing to lord shiva to getting a perfect life partner. According to Hindu epic text:- Parvati was worshiping to lord shiva every day and she has immunes believe in her worship.

She willing to marry with lord Shiv, In Month of Sawan She does all somvar vrat and lord shiva become happy then Lord shiva did marry to Goddess Parwati. This marry was first ever in the era to god marry on earth. Since then it is believed that unmarried girls who strongly with full devotion worship get willing wishes. It is also believed Lord shiva & Parvati give blessing for happy marriage life.

So any married get any type of problem in marriage life, they worship of lord shiva. Blessing of lord shiva every problem resolved.   It is the legend behind why unmarried girls do Somvar vrat.   सावन के सोमवार का व्रत करने से मनचाहा जीवनसाथी मिलता है.

Sawan vow Monday to get the desired partner!  

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